The Florida Comedy Film Festival February 6-9, 2020 Boca Raton, Florida

Featuring Comedy Legend Fran Drescher

Featuring Comedy Legend Fran DrescherFeaturing Comedy Legend Fran Drescher

2020 Film And Written word Award Winners


Film, TV, Web Series Winners

The Comedy Legend Award, Fran Drescher

Best Of Festival, Golden Palm Award, Marriage Material, Oran Zegman, Director/Producer

Feature Films

Best Feature Film, Notzilla, Mitch Teemley, Director

Best Actor Feature Film, Zebedee Row, Talking To God

Best Actress In A Feature Film, Tifani Ahren Davis, Notzilla

Best Supporting Actor, Feature Film, Colin Mochrie, Boys Vs. Girls

Best Supporting Actress Feature Film, Sarah Baldwin, Poor Greg Drowning

Best Writer, Feature Film, Michael Stasko Writer, Boys Vs. Girls

Best Director, Feature Film, Maya Batash Director, Talking To God

Social Action Award For Deaf Awareness In The Arts - Go To Hell & Turn Left, Carlo Caldana, Director/Writer/Producer

Best Ensemble Cast In A Feature Film -Boys Vs. Girls, Michael Stasko- Director/Writer Producer

Special Jury Prize Feature Film, Platinum Award, Jeffrey Scott Collins, Poor Greg Drowning

Special Jury Prize Feature Film, Gold Award, Zeroes, Jason Loftus, Producer

Foreign Films & Series

Best Foreign Student Short Film-Special Sauce, Ruby Victor, Director 

Best Feature Foreign Film-What Men Long For, Director/WriterRudolf Havlik 

World Cinema Award, Perfect Present, Martjin Hullegie

Best Foreign Web Series – Location Scouts, , Christian Van Vuuren, Director/Writer

Best Foreign Short Film– Fine Stew, Marie Glichitch, , Director

Short Film Awards

Best Actor Short Film-Loring Murtha, Oh Boy

Best Actress Short Film - Gwen Hollander, Marriage Material

Best Director Short Film- Oran Zegman, Marriage Material

Best Writer Short Film-Abraham Rozenbaum, Ojos Que No Ven

Best Mocumentary, Shuttlecock, Melanie Jones, Director

Best Cinematography Short Film, Charlie Cole, Marriage Material

Best Production Value, Abraham Rozenbaum, Ojos Que No Ven

Best Ultra Short Film, Zombie Debt, Ash Blogett, Director

Excellence In Family Entertainment, Short Film, Turtle, Matt Kenchington, Director

Best Emerging Actor, Elijah Haney, The Adventures Of Wonderboy

Best Cameo In A Short Film, Craig Holland, Body Of Knowledge

Best Comedy/Dramedy , American Marriage, Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

Freedom Of Expression Award, Sex Life, Jason Blackman, Director

Best Special Effects Short Film, The Adventures Of Wonderboy, Marti King Young

Best Emerging Producers, Mike Vezza, Larry Rosen & Tom Bragg, For The Bathing Bandit

Outstanding Producer In A Short Film, Zak Kron, Oh Boy

Best Of Next Award- For Trend Setting- #BasicBaes, Dennis Nicholson, Director, Ivana Kingston, Writer

Best Of Next Award, Romantic Comedy, Dream Date, Phillip Lindsey, Director

Social Action Award, The Adverntures Of Wonderboy- Raising Autism Awareness, Marti King Young & Elijah Haney

Best First Time Director, Short Film, Craig Holland, Body Of Knowledge

Short Film Special Jury Prize

Sidepiece, Teddy Tennenbaum, Writer/ Director Producer, Special Jury Titanium Award 

Sidepiece, Minsun Park, Writer, Special Jury Titanium  Award

Pledge It, Rachael Sonnenberg, Director, Special Jury Diamond Award


Flopsee & Buttercup-Special Jury Platinum Award, Director/Writer

We Have Your Wife-Special Jury Gold Award, Jim Ford Director

Kim’s Big Date-Special Jury Silver Award, Claire Mc Fadden, Writer/Director

Web Series Awards

Best North American Web Series, Hialeah, Melissa Carcache, Producer/Writer

Best North American Web Series, Hialeah, Javier Mayol, Producer/Writer


Best North American Web Series, Hialeah, David Vargas, Director 

Best Actor In A Web Series, Jordan Wall, Hialeah

Best Actress In A Web Series, Rebecca Kessler, Oh Joy

Best First Time Filmmaker Web Series, 190 Lorimer, Dustin Knoop, Director

TV Show / Series Awards

Best Actor In A TV Series, Dean Kostlich, It’s Complicated

Best Actress In A TV Series, Emily Steele, It’s Complicated

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up, Sharon Pfeiffer 

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up, Kelli Maroney

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up, Angela Marsden

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up, Kelly Goodman 

Best Ensemble Cast /TV Show, Corky All Grown Up, Willa Shaw

TV Show, Special Jury Platinum Award, Corky All Grown Up, Ralph Odierna

TV Series, Special Jury Gold Award, Intolerant, Austin Chunn, Director

Excellence In Florida Filmmaking

Best Actor- Florida Film, Matt Guernier, The Right Swipe

Best Actress In A Florida Film, Laurel Levey, Deliverin’ The Goods

Special Jury Awards – Florida Films

Special Jury Diamond Award, Actors Anonymous, Judy Copeland, Producer

Special Jury Titanium Award, No Laughing Matter, Jed Ackerman

Special Jury Platinum Award, Calendar Invite, Walter Schlomann

Special Jury Gold Award, Deliverin’ The Goods, Dean Robaina

Special Jury Silver Award, Lights Camera Disaster, Harris Sebastian

Special Jury Bronze Award- Gym Shorts, Eric Szot, Director

Excellence In Student Filmmaking

Excellence In Student Filmmaking, Diamond Award -Winfield Historical Times, Julia Cowle

Excellence In Student Filmmaking, Platinum, The Right Swipe, Emily Netburn, Director/Producer

Excellence In Student Filmmaking , Gold, High Tide, Lindsay Vitale

Excellence In Student Filmmaking, Silver, Dummy Love, Evan Barber

Excellence In Student Filmmaking, Bronze, Anatomy, Tony Pape

Excellence In Student Filmmaking, Copper-The Box, Ronan Morrissey

Best Cinematography Student Film, Last Reunion, Joe Navarro, Director

Best Special Effects Makeup In A Student Film, Phoebe, Kyra Gardner, Writer/Director

Best Student Family Film, Crumbs, Stephen Panella & Erin Cooper, Writers/Gabriela Muino

Written Word Winners

Script Awards  (Some Award Categories Have A Tie) 

Space Captain Smith, John Palfrey Smith--Titanium TV Script   Award

Curb Your Enthusiasm -Spec   Script- Accident, David Schroeder-Diamond TV Script Award


Hessians Of Burbank, Satu Runa- Platinum TV Script Award

Swamp Witch, Ron Hervey- Gold TV Script Award


Pitching Tents, Cody Peterson -Silver TV Script Award

 Screenplay Awards  (Some Award Categories Have A Tie) 

Flat Squirrel, Fiona Faith Ross – Titanium Screenplay Award

Megaball$, Marc Baron- Diamond Screenplay Award


Dick 2.0, Henry-Sarwer-Foner – Diamond Screenplay Award

In Too Deep, Zack Smith –  Platinum Screenplay Award


How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce, Erin Keefer Reich- Ruby  Screenplay Award

The Second Coming Of John Cooper, Kevin Kraft—Ruby Screenplay   Award


Superbug, Gio Florenza – Emerald Screenplay Award

Broken Dreams, Ron Hervey- Emerald Screenplay Award


Blind Faith, Bailee Mc Queen – Pearl Screenplay Award


Boneheads, Kelley Jean Karam -Pearl Screenplay Award

The Real Thing, Matthew Papadopoulos – Pearl Screenplay Award 


Edna & Blanche, Larry Arann-Amethyst Screenplay Award

The C Team, Terence Murphy-Amethyst Screenplay Award


Bad Rap, Betsy Green, Crystal Screenplay Award

Bad Rap, Sally Green-Cameron, Crystal Screenplay Award


Paradise Unbecoming, Jim Norman-Crystal Screenplay Award