The Florida Comedy Film Festival February 6-9 Boca Raton, Florida


Featuring Comedy Legend Fran Drescher

Featuring Comedy Legend Fran Drescher

Featuring Comedy Legend Fran DrescherFeaturing Comedy Legend Fran Drescher

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Kayleigh Penner has her socials figured out, she has millions of followers, always looks gorgeous and even makes a living endorsing products online. Her life is picture perfect! She’s surrounded by friends and fans online every minute of every day, but when she looks up from her phone... no one’s commenting and worst of all, no one is liking her supes- adorbs outfits.
All is not lost, however, because Kayleigh is headed back to Toronto, as Tan-Tastic’s bronzerrific tan-bassador, and she is totally reconnecting with her college squad for some much needed quality time, IRL!

190 Lorimer

An original comedy series where each episode is centered on a different resident of a Williamsburg Brooklyn condo.

A Fine Stew

Easter Sunday. Catherine has cooked her stew, Manon is hungover, Jacques is late. Dad is getting married and Pierre is the one who has to announce it. It would be just a normal family meal ... if there wasn't a dead cat in the freezer ...

Actors Anonymous 

An off beat comedy about actors who struggle to overcome their ACTING ADDICTION. Try as they might, they can't stop acting!

American Marriage

Leonardo, an Italian immigrant who lives in New York, marries a Latina woman, Nikki, to obtain the American green card. Through the comedy of it all Nikki and Leo fall in love “for real” but it looks like "Uncle Sam" will be the one to have the last laugh.


When their professor reveals they don’t have the cadavers to complete their final lab, an eclectic, fast-mouthed group of anatomy students decides to kill someone, and passionate debate ensues: who should die?

Body Of Knowledge

Bored and hungry, Devin struggles to fulfill his new security guard assignment in the hospital morgue. His world turns upside down when a mysterious mortuary worker enters his life.

Boys Vs. Girls

Boys in July. Girls in August. And never the two shall meet. But in 1990, when summer camps around the country were being shut down in record numbers, Camp Kindlewood made the bold yet economically necessary move to turn “co-ed”. Needless to say, the change did not go over well amongst the counsellors, and quickly erupted into a full on battle of the sexes. The camp was soon in ruins with morale at an all-time low. Can the boys and girls join forces in time to clean up the camp and save it from closing? 

Corky All Grown Up

Corky, Kristie, Laura, and Erin are lifelong best friends and preparing for a day at the spa when Kylie, Kristie's daughter, reveals a secret her mother has been keeping from her best friends.


A suburban family is enjoying a nice afternoon doing their own activities. Samantha hears a crash from the kitchen and investigates. She finds a smashed jar of cookies and takes on the case of who smashed the cookie jar.

Deliverin’ The Goods

A silent film where the irresponsible sister is asking for help from her older sister once again.

Dream Date

Daron goes on a blind date with a girl he met on the internet. His car is stolen during his dinner date, and he must learn to trust a crazy girl he just met in an attempt to get his car back.

Dummy Love

After nearly choking to death, Julia attends a CPR training course. There, Julia inexplicably brings a wisecracking, but vulnerable CPR Mannequin to life. Naturally, they fall in love and promptly build a life together. But even magical relationships have their fair share of problems.

Flopsee & Buttercup

After 25 years as a professional clown, Flopsee develops stage fright and is booed at a children's birthday party. Accused of "going number two" in his pants and fired from the clowning agency, Flopsee refuses to take his costume off. Despite couples therapy and ultimatums from his wife, he pushes his marriage to the brink. Clinically depressed, he lies in bed all day. On the rare occasions when Flopsee leaves the house, he has vicious custard pie fights with the local clowns.

Go To Hell and turn left.

A deaf painter named Oif Schmilblitz struggles with alcohol and the death of his wife Emily. When he sneaks into a private reception to play spy for his agent, he spots a guest who bears a striking resemblance with the late Emily. As he tries to find out who she is, he is caught in a whirlwind of misunderstanding, mistaken identity, and marital intrigue - all to the tune of minimal dialogue and an endless stream of gags.

Gym Shorts

A comedy about the quirks of gym life. Kevin, a recent divorcee, seeks a change and heads to his local gym. There he meets Chad the trainer and a whole host of colorful relateable characters. Kevin is forced into this world he doesn't understand yet and doesn't quite fit in with.


An ambitious Cuban millennial convinces her American husband to leave Chicago for Miami and move in with her crazy Cuban family as she starts a new job. 

High Tide

A dysfunctional, NYC Lifeguard’s fading kingdom of beach and booze is challenged when a younger woman joins the team and refuses to play by the rules for her own mysterious reasons.


Four millennials (a former childhood actor, a divorcee, a man-child and a first-generation Indian-American) traverse cultural differences, relationships and politics in a blunt, often times, uninformed manner.

It’s Complicated 

It’s complicated is a situational comedy that follows Kevin, a man trying to start over after making a shocking discovery about his wife of twenty years.

Kim’s Big Date

It takes a small village to prepare for such a big date.

Last Reunion 

Two teenage siblings unintentionally uncover a dark family secret on the eve of their parents' vow renewal.

Lights Camera Disaster

An up and coming director is trying to make the perfect drama that will blast him to instant fame. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be on the same page as him, which leads to a disastrous day on set.

Location Scouts

Two unlikely misfits, "Millennial" Morgan and "Baby Boomer" Steve are forced to work together as location scouts on the upcoming Australian feature film, 'Top End Wedding'. During their misadventures in Australia's Northern Territory, Steve, a seasoned location scout who is in the NT for work (and work only), finds the holiday of a lifetime, while Morgan, who is there for what she thinks will be a holiday, finds a job for life.

Marriage Material

After her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal, Leah Schwartzman checks herself into the “Late Blooming Bride” retreat, which prides itself on transforming less-than-perfect women into “Marriage Material.”  *Nominated for a Student Oscar*

No Laughing Matter

When jobs become scarce, a clown seeks help from a self-doubting psychologist about changing careers. Little does he know how his choices will affect his therapist and her patient.


When a scientist from Japan brings a monster’s egg to the U.S., what could go wrong when it actually hatches—and alcohol makes it grow taller than a skyscraper?

The race is on as the monster drinks beer & wreaks havoc, the Japanese scientist tries to shrink it, and a U.S. weapons physicist aims to nuke the monster—and possibly take the entire city of Cincinnati with it!     

Oh Joy!

Joy's imagination (animation) runs wild as she tries to pull herself out of her funk through yoga and her artwork.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind. 

Silvia and Fernando go on their first vacation together. On their first night in the hotel, their terrible sex life tears them apart. Seeking unusual solutions to their problem the vacation becomes an adventure that could flip their relationship upside down.

Oh, Boy!

Todd and Patricia reconsider some very basic life choices after a few days of babysitting for some friends during a family emergency.

Perfect Present

An awkward reunion dinner between three flawed brothers who all have a hidden agenda descends into chaos when the woman they all love announces her pregnancy without revealing the father’s identity.


Phoebe is a real catch... she just doesn’t know it yet. Far from home, she tackles a new sea of challenges during her first weeks at college. With her flamboyant roommate Adam as her navigator, she no longer feels like a small fish in a big pond, and she learns to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Pledge It!

Public school children around the country say the pledge of allegiance every day, but for the second graders at Reileigh elementary allegiance was not such an easy sell.

Poor Greg Drowning

POOR GREG DROWNING is a grounded R-rated comedy with genuine heart and romance.

Greg is a love addict whose girlfriend left him for their couples therapist. Depressed, heartbroken, and unemployed, Greg must find a roommate to help pay rent. But Greg scares all potential roommates away, except for a girl named Peyton who moves in and whom Greg falls madly in love with.

Sex Life

A young woman struggles with the fact that she's no longer sexually attracted to her boyfriend.  


Winnie Callaghan puts the bad in Badminton. She should have had it all, the medals, the fame, the glory - but an unfortunate accident took all that away. When her former rival announces a charity game at her local club, Winnie will stop at nothing to prove she’s a winner. Meanwhile a young filmmaker hired by her brother captures more than he bargained for as he documents the seedy underbelly of this seemingly innocent sport.


Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married. Nothing is what appears to be in this short romantic-comedy about two people who find each other on a very special dating app. You just can’t trust what you read anymore.    

Special Sauce

When a husband shows up with an unexpected guest, his suspicious wife decides to take matters into her own hands. Revenge has never tasted so good.

Talking To God

After 12 nights of insomnia and feeling like her life is unraveling, Rebecca travels to the Ukraine in a desperate attempt to find a magic cure. There she finally sleeps and discovers the meaning of life through an outrageous cast of characters including a man who is truly happy despite having nothing.

The Adventures Of Wonderboy

When the nefarious Dr. Black threatens the future of Nashville, it's up to Wonderboy to save the day.

The Bathing Bandit

Roommates, Richie and Frankie come home to find a dead body in their bathtub. But that is just the start of it.

The Box

Sometimes the best solutions to problems are the ones you least expect.

The Calendar Invite

Tiny can't quite figure out how to delete a calendar event on his phone. Al and Heshie to the rescue..

The Right Swipe

Instead of getting engaged, Paul gets dumped. With nothing left to lose and his heart on the line, he jumps headfirst into the all-too-predictable world of online dating. 


It was a blistering hot day, and, as a chubby kid on summer break, Bruno's only goals were to avoid his chores and stay cool while awaiting the sweet jingle of the ice cream truck.  After emerging victorious in his quest for frozen delights, things didn't go as planned, and the sugar high only lasted so long.  Whether it was the heat, the sugar crash or serendipity, he won't ever know, but what happened next turned that day into one he could never forget.

We Have Your Wife

Two criminals kidnap a man's wife. When they call with their ransom demands, they are very surprised with his response.

What Men Long For

The main male character is charismatic but cynical Karel Král. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes even sexist, but attractive enough to seduce women. He works as an editor-in-chief of well-known magazine for men and he’s a tough but successful boss. But he kinda sucks in his personal life. He has fights with his ex-wife and his daughter Julia despises him.  Suddenly Karel’s life is changing rapidly. He loses his job and his place is taken by a young and attractive woman, his ex-wife and daughter don’t want to speak with him anymore and his car is damaged in an accident. Karel is literally down, he drunks with his best friend Cestmír, to whom he confides that he wants to become a woman, because “women have easier life than men“.

The next morning Karel wakes up, but he’s not Karel anymore. Thanks to his wish he became a woman… or more accurate, his body turned into one. Karel, now Karla, has to deal not just with his new looks, but with his understanding towards women as well.

Winfield Historical Times and other Oddities

'Winfield Historical Times and other Oddities' is a dark comedy/mystery about  a young girl named Chloe, who lives a sedate suburban life in her small cul de sac of colorful neighbors. The peaceful, tree lined street, where the world looks to be in perfect order, belies the fact that behind the picturesque front doors, things are not what they appear to be. Chloe suffers from anxiety and because of it, becomes a pariah in her close knit, but well intentioned community.


Long time roommates Ray (John McKeever) and Kenneth (Ryan Farrell) are going nowhere in life. When he is not slacking off at a local sporting goods store, Ray, a perpetual slob, and likely internet troll debates with no one the merits of superhero origin stories. While Kenneth isn’t pining for local news anchor Kate (Katrina Law), he spends his days counting the dough, literally, at a Philadelphia pretzel factory while dreaming of living alone. But, after leaving a Halloween party dressed as ninjas, the two drunkenly thwart a robbery and their heroics go viral. No litterer or public urinator is safe until an actual serial killer begins to ravage the Riverwards.

Zombie Debt

Stacey thinks it's her against the world during the recent zombie apocalypse. Little does she know that she's up against more than what she's bargained for when the Loan Ranger arrives.